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Mobile Order-Ahead Apps & Self-Ordering Kiosks for your Pizzeria

Apptizer is meant for your Pizzeria. We help you boost your profits and improve your pizzeria’s operational efficiency through our innovative iOS & Android apps and self-ordering kiosks. We look into the details, making sure we are always able to fulfil all expectations of a Pizzeria. Our solutions are made affordable to any business, opening an opportunity even to a Pizzeria like yours to help you uplift your customers experience with mobile order- ahead apps or self-ordering kiosks.

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Pizzeria Mobile Apps from Apptizer

A Mobile Order-ahead app will have your customers connected to your pizzeria at all times. With our pizzeria app, it’s now your chance to continuously engage with customers, boost sales and convert customers into regulars.

  • Run powerful and targeted promotions to increase sales- Let them know what’s new in store, offer seasonal discounts or special discounts- You decide! We’ll make it happen.
  • Let’s your customers to order from anywhere at their own convenience without having to wait in long lines.
  • Making a true connection with your customers by making them feel special with personalized messages and making sure your pizzeria is on top of their minds at all times.
Order-ahead and self-ordering kiosks for Pizzerias

Top Apptizer Pizzeria App Features your Pizzeria cannot Miss!

  • You get a custom branded mobile app with your pizzeria’s logo and color schemes just the way you want.
  • Use of promo codes to provide customers with special discounts and offers during slow times.
  • All orders placed on mobile app will appear on your tablet or POS station and then be printed in the kitchen printer, so your staff can focus on immediately preparing the order.
  • All payment transactions are securely managed through the app.
  • You analyze and study your customers buying patterns and then target individually with promotions and discounts.
  • A loyalty scheme like digital punch card will have your customers repeatedly purchasing through your pizzeria app.

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Pizzeria Self-ordering Kiosks from Apptizer

Our efficient and stylish self-ordering kiosk are high impact money saver for businesses of all sizes. Now your pizzeria can save on huge with Apptizer’s Self-ordering Kiosks!

  • Accurate and quick ordering can increase pizzeria’s daily revenue.
  • Your customers get to enjoy their pizza anywhere their busy schedule dictates.
  • Mobile apps allow you to keep in touch with customers at all times, making sure you’re always at the top of their minds.
Order-ahead and self-ordering kiosks for Pizzerias

Top Apptizer Self-ordering Kiosk Features your Restaurant cannot Miss!

  • You get a custom branded self-ordering kiosk with your pizzeria logo and color schemes.
  • Stunningly visuals with large imagery with simple and clear illustrations, easy to understand requiring no additional staff assistance.
  • Your pizzeria’s self-ordering kiosk can be linked to your POS station, where you will receive all orders and manage them conveniently. Self-ordering Kiosk can also be linked to your kitchen printer and the kitchen display system (KDS), for orders to be managed conveniently and efficiently.
  • Self-ordering kiosks prompt for add-ons which increase your customer’s average ticket size.
  • Your customers will enjoy self-checkout options through the self-ordering kiosk.

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