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Apptizer for Your Food Truck

Our cutting edge solutions are meant to increase your revenue and improve your food truck operational efficiency. We look closely into details, making sure we are always able to live up to all expectations of food trucks. Our solutions are made affordable for businesses of all kinds, providing an opportunity, even to a food truck like yours to uplift your customers experience with mobile order- ahead apps or self-ordering kiosks.

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Food Truck Mobile Apps from Apptizer

Stay in the hands of your customers at all times and have them coming back for more!

  • Our app lets you inform your loyal customers when your Food truck is reaching the location. Eg: Our food truck is 5 minutes away! We’ve got some juicy meaty sandwiches in store for you!
  • Customers no longer have to wait in line for their orders. A lesser crowd at the food truck will interests other passers to walk up to your truck.
  • You don’t always need to have cash in hand. Apptizer Order-ahead apps will take care of the payments securely while you do what you’re good at- focusing on prepping meals at the highest quality.
Food truck mobile order-ahead from Apptizer

Top Apptizer Food Truck App Features your Truck cannot Miss Out On!

  • Your food truck app is a custom branded order-ahead app with your business logo and color schemes.
  • You can make use of promo codes to provide customers with seasonal discounts, special discounts and offers.
  • All orders placed on mobile app will appear on your tablet or POS station and then be printed in the kitchen printer, so your staff can focus a 100% on preparing the order at the highest quality.
  • Customers can make all payments through the food truck app and they’ll be securely managed by the best payment processor.
  • You can analyze and study your customers buying behavior to run targeted and powerful promotions.
  • Digital punch card feature to have your customers repeatedly purchasing through your food truck app.

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Self-ordering Kiosks for Food Truck from Apptizer

Our Self-ordering kiosks allows you to speed up your services and increase your revenues in less time.

  • With Apptizer’s self-ordering kiosks you can take orders faster as customers can pay through the kiosk. You’ll only have to keep doing what you’re good at!
  • The kiosk is stunningly visual with large imagery and in simple language which eliminates waste and human error.
  • Self-ordering kiosks are self-understanding and so customers will not require additional staff assistance.
  • Apptizer Kiosks are programed to upsell- extra add-ons, extra cheese, etc. This increases your average check-size.
Food truck self-ordering kiosks from Apptizer

Top Apptizer Self-ordering Kiosk Features your Food Truck cannot Miss!

  • Your food truck’s self-ordering kiosk is custom branded with your food truck logo and color schemes.
  • Simple and clear illustrations easy for any of your customers can follow.
  • Your food truck’s self-ordering kiosk can be linked to your POS station, where you will receive all orders and manage them conveniently. The kiosk can also be linked to your kitchen printer and the kitchen display system (KDS), for orders to be managed conveniently and efficiently.
  • Self-ordering Kiosks prompts for add-ons and variants which increases your customer’s average ticket size.
  • Your food truck’s self-ordering kiosk can enjoy the self-checkout option, while you continue doing what you are good.

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