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User Guide

Apptizer Apps

The purpose of this document is to show you how to create an app using Apptizer; no technical knowledge, no coding needed.

Before you begin to create your first application with Apptizer, you need to be registered as a merchant.

You WILL need to have a few files ready to choose as you use the app wizard:

  • A background image – this will be the background of the ”Start page” of the app. As shown in Figure 1.1, on the wizard, it is the image of a bowl of strawberries and a croissant on a plate. This will be replaced by the image you choose.
  • Your brand logo – the image that you use to identify your business.
  • The application icon – an image that reflects the type of business – for example, you could use a cup for a cafe or tea house, utensils for a restaurant, etc.

Step 1

Visit www.apptizer.io on your browser to begin creating your app.

Once you visit www.apptizer.io and choose the “Sign-In” option from the top right corner you will be directed to a page where you can select the wizards available for different businesses as shown in Figure 1.0. Move the cursor over the wizard relevant to you and click on it.

Go To Apptizer Web

Figure 1.0

The first screen you’ll see (Figure 1.1) asks for some basic details for your app such as what you’d like to name it, a short description and the location. Just place your cursor in each field and begin typing. As you enter the& information you will see it appear on the mobile device image on the right.

Create Apptizer App

Figure 1.1

Step 2

When you have finished and are happy with the information you have entered, click the “Continue” button to move to the next step as shown in Figure 1.2

Select app brand color

Figure 1.2

Step 2 lets you brand your app by allowing you to choose your color and background image, and upload your logo and an application icon.

The first field asks you to choose a theme color for your store. Click in the color block field and you will see a color palette appear. Choose your color from the palette. You can move your cursor in and around the field until you get the exact color you want.

Continue to the second field, where you will add your logo. Click on the “Choose File” button and a list of the files on your computer will drop down. Navigate to the file that is your chosen logo, highlight it and click ”Choose” as shown in Figure 1.3

Select app logo and background

Figure 1.3

The final field in Step 2 asks you to upload your application icon. Click on the “Choose File” button and navigate to the file that is your chosen application icon.

If any of the fields above have not been filled out correctly, you will get an error message as illustrated in Figure 1.4

App creating process error

Figure 1.4

Please check the fields to see where the error has occurred and correct it.

Step 3

Step 3 is the last step. You decide what features you want:

  • Enable product ordering via your mobile store
  • Enable consumers to share your products in Social Media
  • Real time updates of your product catalogues

Select either “Yes” or “No” for each of the choices you are given as shown in Figure 1.5

Create Apptizer app

Figure 1.5

You have just created your app!

Step 4

After you have successfully completed the app creation wizard, you will get the following message as shown in Figure 1.6

Successful message

Figure 1.6

You can click on the “Add Products” link to begin adding your products to your mobile store.
You will be taken to the screen shown in Figure 1.7 once you click the “Add Products” button.
You can add any number of products to the product list. Just click on the “Add your first product” button as illustrated on Figure 1.7

Add new products

Figure 1.7

Upon clicking the “Add your first product “ button you will see the screen as shown in Figure 1.8

Add products descriptions

Figure 1.8

Fill in your Product name, a small description of your product. Choose an image, price and enter a product category too. Once you’ve done that you can then move on to your next product.

To add a category for your product, click on the “Add a New Category?” link at the bottom of Add Product screen (Figure 1.8). You have the opportunity to add a category name, for example, “Beverages” to the product description.

Product List

Figure 1.9

If you cannot finish entering all your product and category information at one time, you can always return and finish it. Just go back to http://apptizerweb.hsenidmobile.com and choose “Sign-In” from the menu. Once you login select “My Apps” from the menu and continue to add your content.

Web Menu

This option will not only let you add new information but also will let you edit the existing products and categories.

Once you have finished adding your product and category information, your app is ready to go!

If you are ready to publish your app to either the Mac App Store or Google Play, please send us an email to support@apptizer.io and we will be happy to assist you!