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Self-ordering Kiosks can double up your sales!

Self ordering kiosk device from Apptizer Inc

Apptizer Self-ordering Kiosks

Engineered with the most modern and powerful technology

Apptizer Self-ordering Kiosk is THE SECRET behind the giant chains that make big money quickly. Apptizer Kiosks can help you double up your sales at a fraction of what others offer! We promise to set your restaurant apart from your bigger competitors.

Self ordering kiosk device from Apptizer Inc
Self ordering kiosk device from Apptizer Inc

10 Reasons

Why Apptizer kiosk is right for you

  • 1

    Absolute brand experience

    Customized to match your brand’s look and feel

  • 2

    Complete restaurant solution

    Apptizer was built with the idea of having your POS integrated to Apptizer Kiosk and scalability of restaurants in mind

  • 3

    Optimal efficiency

    Your staff can focus on offering a speedy customer service with lower overheads

  • 4

    Powerful visual content

    Large attractive imagery and easy content management

  • 5

    Reduced waste

    Customers’ orders would never go wrong! Therefore, it eliminates waste

  • 6

    Advanced payment security

    Apptizer has partnered with the industry’s leading payment providers to offer you with the most secure and reliable payment experience

  • 7

    Less front-house staff cost

    Struggling to pay minimum wage rate? Use Apptizer’s interactive Kiosks instead of counters

  • 8

    Improves brand loyalty

    A personalized digital experience to improve customer satisfaction

  • 9

    Personal accountability

    Apptizer is built on relationships! We have a dedicated Account manager for you, because we care about empowering your restaurant to achieve MORE

  • 10

    Excellent support care

    A dedicated support team to help you effortlessly have your kiosk up and running

Key Feature Highlights

  • 1

    More tickets processed in LESS TIME!

  • 2

    Simple and easy illustrations making it easy for customers to use kiosks

  • 3

    Self-payment option, to accept credit/debit card payments through kiosk

  • 4

    Upselling capabilities by prompting customers to add extra add-ons and variations

  • 5

    Workflows can be customized to your operation

  • 6

    Orders made on kiosk display syncs in real-timeon the main POS station

Self ordering kiosk device from Apptizer Inc

Can Investing in Apptizer Kiosks promise a higher return $$?

We’ve got some of our very own kiosk using customers who evidently prove that with Apptizer Kiosk, they have successfully been able to peak their restaurant sales than they’ve had ever before.

  • 1

    Apptizer Kiosks are affordable and available on a plan!

    Get in touch with our team on sales@apptizer.io or call us on (650) 242 9992 for more info

  • 2

    Higher ticket sale

    Surprisingly, orders placed on touchscreen are 10-30% higher than it comes to cashier taking down the orders. This comes down to simple psychology, however, a kiosk never forgets to upsell, and with add-ons and promotions easily visible to customers right on the kiosk, customers add on more, which results in higher revenues

  • 3

    Increases efficiency and saves costs

    Adding kiosks instead of counters, you will not have to worry about the higher wages you have to pay to your staff. Apptizer kiosks makes your entire ordering process automated, freeing up space for customers to dine in, freeing up time for staff for a higher value service that matter more to customers, including the preparation of their food and keeping the restaurant clean

  • 4

    Easy to use and improved customer experience

    Technology excites customers and the smooth experience at your restaurant is what they're going to remember and spread among their friends. Happy customers= returning customers = more revenue! Increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits anywhere from 25% to 95%. And according to the Harvard Business Review, it is five to twenty-five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep one

In a very short period of time, your Kiosk is going to pay for itself and profits are going straight to the restaurant bottom line!

Self ordering kiosk device from Apptizer Inc

It’s time you compete with giants!

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