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Mobile Apps for Food Trucks - A new taste in town,
The Sombrero Food Truck, thrives in popularity with Apptizer Order-Ahead App
at the train station of Paterson, New Jersey.

The Sombrero Food Truck, new in business, specialized in making the best tacos and burritos, are the first in the neighborhood, who has brought in New Jersey’s new dream- mobile ordering! Now Sombrero’s customers can pay for their food using the app, and when it’s ready, they can pick it up from the food truck. Apptizer revolutionized their business by providing mobile apps for the food truck that were seamlessly integrated into the mobile restaurant’s day-to-day activities.

Mobile apps for food trucks

Business Challenge

While everyone’s lives are on their smartphones, The Sombrero Food Truck wanted to be ahead of the game when it comes to taking their marketing to the next level.

Sombrero has hundreds of customers walking into their Food Truck each day. The Food truck functions all 7 days a week while parked at the train station. The food truck wanted to keep up with the excellent meal service they provide while serving a 100+ customers and each customer having their own meal customized with extra onions, extra mayo, etc, it becomes inconvenient trying to tackle a bigger crowd simultaneously managing the payments.

Mobile apps for food trucks


The Sombrero Food Truck took a big leap ahead of their competitors. While keeping everyone in the neighborhood surprised by their forward-thinking approach, Sombrero opted in to Mobile Order-Ahead, making the entire ordering experience for their customers and the food truck hassle-free.

Alvaro Chaljub, Founder of The Sombrero Food Truck says” Managing orders have become easier. You get the order on the tablet screen and you know exactly what the customer wants. The app does the interaction for me, saving a lot of time and energy especially for customization”. The mobile app has been a line buster for the business. “We use the notification to let the customers know when the order is ready so they don't even have to stand in line to place the order and know their meal is ready”.

Customers at The Sombrero Food Truck love the new app. In a period of 6 weeks, 20-30% of customers had started using it. The different payment options has helped a lot. Customers have their own privacy to make the payment at their own convenience.

Chaljub, also mentions, “Apptizer’s mobile app is worthwhile. The mobile app pays for itself with the orders made. We are not coming out from the pocket”.

With Apptizer Mobile Order-Ahead apps, The Sombrero Food Truck can spend time providing an excellent meal service to as many customers they have.

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