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10 Tips to Create a Simple but Effective Logo

By Admin Posted in Blog

10 Tips to Create a Simple but Effective Logo

“Your Logo is your image.”

Creating a logo or a brand image sound easy right? Yes! you can just download a picture from a photo bank and add your name underneath. It’s that simple. But do you think it defines your company, do you think it adds a value and uniqueness? I doubt that.

There are plenty of free logo generating website available and also there are graphic designers who really look for shortcuts.

According to research findings, majority of the world’s population can identify at least a few iconic logos such as coca cola and McDonald’s. Bottom line, that’s every merchant’s wish.

Logo is the only icon used as the base of any marketing campaign you do, the more you market the more you increase the awareness. Logo is the symbol that associate and connect with your customer.

If you are serious about the business you do and value the customer who is paying you, it is vital to generate a meaningful and attractive logo for the company.

#1 Understand Your Company

Before you start thinking of a concept or creating a design, it is important to undertake an extensive research on your target audience and your buyer persona. It will help you to understand the expectation of the customer and their needs.

Analyze the core value that should be interpreted in the logo. Understand the nature and the culture of the demographic area that you are willing to do business in. Compare other competitor logos and identify their strengths.

These type of research will revel some important result you haven’t thought of before.

#2 Hidden Story

The story behind the logo is important since it defines your company.

With the above research findings, try to create a story that customer should understand about your brand or grasp at the first glance. This is call the “Visual Double Entendre”. It is a about having a logo with 2 pictures enfolded in once picture reinforcing the name and the core value of the business.

#3 Focus on Simplicity

It is very important to have a simple logo. If you have a complicated logo, your potential customers will have a hard time remembering it. As an example Apple, Nike or McDonalds are world’s larger companies with a very simple but powerful logos. Simplicity is not about taking off everything. It’s about removing unnecessary elements and keeping the most important ones.

#4 Create a Font

Same as the graphic it’s equally important to have a unique font just for the brand. At the initial stage you might come up with different fonts. Among them try to identify the style which suits your company the best. Custom types will help your logo to maintain the current position the same way for a longer period of time.

According to the nature and the core values of the company, the font has to be changed. It can be used to recognize and stand out from the other competitors. Sans serif fonts are widely used in many of the logos available currently since it gives a stable, serious and solid feel. Nevertheless serif fonts are also used but mostly the industries focus, style, luxurious or traditional use it.

#5 Use Suitable Colors

You may not have thought about this before. But it’s critically important as each color in a palate has a different meaning to it. Choose the wrong color. It will deliver a wrong message. You can’t use red since it’s your favorite color or it a solid color. There is a meaning to it!



























#6 Consider Symmetry

If I share my personal preference, I usually buy 2 from the ornaments or wall hangings if I can afford both. I feel it’s more appealing and complete. Well, I’m not the only one with these type of preferences for sure. Research identifies human beings like symmetry.

They perceive symmetric logos are well-organized and it will represent a certain kind of stability that is comforting. Symmetry is most commonly used for corporate logos to reflect upon the unique value. E.g take a look at Starbucks, Volkswagen, Toyota, McDonald’s logos and you will identify a symmetrical balance in both sides.

Having said the above factors it doesn’t mean that your logo must be a symmetric one. Symmetry can also be boring therefore with the background research try to understand what fits the best.

#7 Where the Logo will be Used

When creating a new logo design or thinking of re-branding, its important think about the channels that the logo will appear on. It may be an online business, mobile app or even printing materials, it’s important to think about how your logo will appear both online and offline. Especially if it’s a logo for a mobile application the icon will look small therefore the area you have and the colors used may limit. (Light colors, text and complicated images are hardly used for mobile apps).

#8 Logo Variations

It’s better to have various versions. The same icon same color can be used in different scenarios. You will recognize the variations look similar if you look in to other significant logos.

Therefore when you are creating a logo try to have different variations of the logo to apply it for different situations.

#9 Ratio

The aspect ratio of the logo will be the connection between the height, width and the physical boundaries of a logo. If the logo is fat and short or thin and long, it’s not visually pleasing.

Logo Ratio

When creating a logo always try to align it with the above mentioned 3 ratios use the entire area within that aspect ratio type. If the logo will be used as a mobile app, make sure to have a square (1:1) type ratio for a better visual aspects. Circle logos are very strong visually due to their ‘square aspect ratio.

#10 Test your Logo

With all the given guideline lines you will be able to create an effective and suitable logo for the company. As great as your logo might seem to you, it’s important to know how your target audience will perceive it. Your customer might have a totally different feeling about the logo. Once you’ve designed your logo make sure to get feedback from your potential customers and test how they feel about it. You might sometimes have to change the logo with the given feedback.

Trust me on that!

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