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Self-ordering kiosk advantages

The Surprisingly Low-Cost Way to Boost Customer Satisfaction

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Self-service kiosks provide numerous tangible benefits to restaurant owners. These include increased ticket sales (typically 10-30 percent), reduced operating costs, more efficient use of both the restaurant’s space and its employees’ time, and valuable data that can be used for everything from targeting marketing to more cost-effective ordering of supplies. However, kiosks offer a secondary, but equally valuable, advantage to merchants—customer satisfaction.

Self-service counter kiosks offer valuable benefits to customers that result in increased customer satisfaction, which is the number one predictor for a restaurant’s success. According to American Express, seven out of ten US consumers say they’ve spent more money to do business with a company that delivers great service, and US consumers are willing to spend 17 percent more to do business with companies that deliver excellent service. In an on-demand society, restaurant owners must make technology such as mobile order apps and counter kiosk a priority. Here’s why:

Easy to Use

While kiosks are sophisticated and innovative from a software perspective, they’re simple and intuitive for customers, making ordering easy. The screen guides customers through a clear and linear set of instructions and streamlines the entire ordering process.


Convenience equals great customer service in the eyes of restaurant goers. Studies conducted by The Data Point showed that 74 percent of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult. Kiosks make ordering simple, easy, and expedient.


According to QSR magazine, a whopping 72 percent of customers expect to be able to customize their orders. Self-service kiosks make this easy, giving customers time to consider their options and make the selections they want. Additionally, QSR notes: “When in front of a screen, the menu options are closer and feel more personal, allowing customers to have a better idea of what exactly they’re ordering and a sense of privacy that helps lower inhibition to order what they want without the perceived notion that someone is judging them.”

Saves Time

Kiosks prevent customers from wasting time standing in line or waiting on slow-moving, busy, or distracted employees. According to PRN Newswire, this new form of retail is particularly attractive to millennials, who prefer human-less transactions.

More Accuracy

According to diners surveyed by Review Trackers, full-service wait staff do a great job, but have slipped when it comes to getting orders right. When customers place orders themselves through an automated kiosk, accuracy is improved. The reason is two-fold: automating the process removes human error, and by placing ordering within the customer’s control, they can look at the screen to confirm the order and ensure it accurately reflects what they want.

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