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Smart Solutions are the Smart Devices of the Restaurant Industry

By Admin |

How do independent sales organizations (ISOs) and merchant level salespeople (MLS) make a profit in today’s market, when merchants’ focus on price is increasing and profit margins are decreasing?

The solution may very well be in the palm of your hand. How? If you’re like most people, you use your smartphone for everything—maybe even reading this! No one can live without their smartphone, because it’s so much more than just a phone. A smart phone offers multiple uses. In addition to affording you the ability to make calls and send and receive texts, it’s also a web browser, a camera, a video recorder, a radio, a movie player, a flashlight, a game console, a pedometer, a QR code reader…you can even start your car with your smartphone! Why not help your customers harness this same usability and multi-functionality for their business with a smart device that not only accepts credit card payments, but offers a wealth of other services to help their business grow too?

Just as individuals demand more nowadays than just a mobile phone, restaurants today need more than just a device to take payments. They need productivity. They need increased sales. They need a way to manage their inventory, customers, and employees. They need analytics that they can use for marketing. Therefore, to compete in today’s market and stand out from the rest, ISOs must provide restaurant merchants with more than just a credit card processing system. The answer is offering customers a “smart” terminal, much like a smart device—technology, wrapped in one easy-to-use package, that provides solutions that meet the needs of small and medium-sized restaurants.

Why settle for a pager if you can have an iPhone? Why settle for a flip phone if you can have a smart phone? Why settle for the radio when you have Pandora? Why settle for a TV antenna when you can have Hulu or Netflix? Similarly, why should restaurant merchants settle for a simple credit card processor when they can have a self-service kiosk, mobile ordering app, brand marketing, and analytics too? With fintech startups offering affordable solutions through smart devices, there’s no need for them to settle anymore. Savvy ISOs will sell solutions through smart devices that make them and their customers money.

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