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Simplified Solution Selling for Restaurants with Apptizer

By Admin |

Until recently, small and medium-sized restaurants couldn’t afford upgraded payment processing systems that included branded self-ordering kiosks, online apps, and other benefits. Smart terminals that do more than just process payments were tools that only industry giants with deep pockets like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Panera could take advantage of. However, thanks to fintech startups such as Apptizer, now local mom and pop restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and food trucks have affordable and viable options that let them compete with the big companies and grow their business, and it’s up to independent sales organizations (ISOs) and merchant level salespeople (MLS) to educate their customers about these solutions.

Apptizer makes a product that is one of the easiest to use and easiest to sell, making it a win-win for both the merchant and the sales representative. Here’s why Apptizer is the solution you should be selling:

Sales Support:

Apptizer is responsive and focused on supporting resellers. For example, Apptizer offers a guided webinar with the sales representative and the merchant to walk them through a demo and help the sales rep close the sale.


Apptizer works with multiple processors, so a sales representative can upsell Apptizer’s solution to their existing merchants, or differentiate themselves to new customers by showing them how they can save money and market their brand with a self-serve kiosk or an order ahead app.


Apptizer’s platform makes ISOs stickier, because Apptizer’s solution is branded and tailored to the merchant, with their logo and colors included in the app. This personalization is just another selling point that will encourage merchants to buy Apptizer over another generic processing system.

Merchants can self-maintain:

Apptizer is intuitive and easy to use, so merchants can update the app, change the menu, and add or change pictures without having any coding knowledge. It’s as simple as updating a Facebook or Pinterest page. Best of all, the changes happen in real time, so merchants can change specials daily or update menu offering instantaneously.

Help Desk Support:

Once you sell Apptizer, your work is done. While Apptizer’s platform is easy enough for even the least tech-savvy merchant to use, Apptizer does offer Help Desk support so the ISO isn’t constantly getting called to troubleshoot after the sale is made.

Clean Onboarding Process:

Post-sale, Apptizer takes the lead from the reseller and contacts the merchant to gather pictures and menu items, helps the merchant pick colors and work with them to tailor the platform to their needs, and then builds the platform to their specifications. The merchant then orders the hardware, and once it’s connected to the web, Apptizer can download the platform remotely so no technical ability is needed by the merchant. Following installation, Apptizer provides post-onboarding training to teach them how to use and manage the app. One month of sales support to resolve issues is free, but if the merchant needs ongoing support, Apptizer offers a monthly support package.

Bonus Digital Marketing Pack:

As an added perk, Apptizer provides a custom “digipack,” which includes customized and branded register signs, business cards, etc. with the merchant’s logo for them to use, along with suggestions on how to use this collateral to promote and reap the full benefits of the app. The artwork is free for merchants to print and use as they wish, or they can order professionally printed collateral directly from Appetizer.

Affordable/No Hidden Charges:

Apptizer saves merchants money in two ways. First the flat fee to build and customize the platform is a fraction of the cost industry giants like McDonald’s pay for a custom-built website, and because it’s so easy to use, there’s no need to pay for ongoing IT support, as the merchant can maintain it themselves. After the platform is installed, Apptizer charges an affordable flat monthly fee with no transactional charges. The fifty cent or more transaction fee other solutions charge can add up, making it expensive for merchants, as well as difficult to estimate for accurate budgeting. With Apptizer, merchants know exactly what they are paying upfront.

Updates Included:

If Apptizer adds a feature to it base platform, every merchant enrolled enjoys these added benefits and updates free of charge.

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