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Playing in the Big Leagues: How Affordable Kiosks Are Leveling the Marketing Playing Field

By Admin |

Self-order kiosks aren’t just for the fast food giants like McDonald’s and Taco Bell anymore. With more kiosk manufacturers in the game offering more affordable options, even smaller quick service restaurants, cafes, “Mom & Pop” restaurants, and food trucks can take advantage of the competitive edge kiosks give restaurants…for a fraction of the cost. And it’s a safe bet to try, since restaurants typically make back their investment within a couple of months through increased ticket sales from using the kiosk.

In an increasingly high-tech and automated world, every business—including, or perhaps especially, restaurants—have to keep up by offering faster, easier, and more convenient options to their customers. And as the restaurant industry’s demand for new technology to improve customer service increases, kiosk manufacturers have scrambled to meet their needs. In fact, from 2017 to 2018, quick-order kiosk displays tripled at the National Restaurant Show, indicating the growing trend for restaurants to provide this option to their customers. And it shows no sign of stopping. According to Research and Markets, automated kiosks will grow to a $34 billion industry by 2023.

Self-serve kiosks offer numerous benefits to both the customer and the merchant. Implementing a self-order kiosk helps merchants streamline and simplify the ordering process, resulting in happier customers. Some kiosk software also supports customer conveniences beyond self-order and pay, such as order pickup, nutrition information, digital messaging, and customer loyalty programs. And for restaurant owners, the use of kiosks consistently reduces overhead and increases revenue.

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