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Self-ordering Kiosks ~ the Secret to Successful Restaurants!

By Admin Posted in Blog

Self-ordering Kiosks ~ the Secret to Successful Restaurants!

Self-ordering kiosks market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. It has been helping most restaurants thrive and restaurants have seen and experienced its success among their customers. We’ve identified how Self-ordering kiosk make restaurants successful.

1. 20% Increase In Sales

A research by Harvard Business Review on consumer spending via Self-serving device says orders at Taco Bell made via their new digital app were 20 percent pricier than those taken by human cashiers, because people found it convenient to select additional ingredients.

Meanwhile Harvard Business School associate professor Ryan Buell cites a study by National University of Singapore that found when a liquor store changed from face-to-face to self-service, the market share of difficult-to-pronounce items increased 8.4 percent.

“The researchers concluded that consumers might fear being misunderstood or appearing unsophisticated in front of the clerks. Changing to self-service removed the social friction,” he said.
Therefore with Self-ordering kiosks installed, there will always be an increase in the average check-sizes.

2. Orders are Accurate and Eliminates Waste

A lot of human error may happen and often wrong food preparations occurs as the result of mistakes along the ordering process from cashiers who incorrectly enter order specifics or fail to hear customers well to any number of order information relay errors. Getting the orders wrong would lead to a lot of wastage. With the digital self-ordering kiosk in-store, customers can easily and accurately customize orders and ensure the accuracy before payment and order submission.

3. Provides a Personalized Experience, Converting Customers to Regulars

With Self-ordering Kiosks providing a personalized experience can add value to your business. It is a way your small business can stand apart from your bigger neighbors and competitors. The restaurant staff and the Kiosk are the face of the business; engaging with customers one on one and making the customer experience memorable and delightful is a sure way to convert your newest customers to regulars.

4. Upselling Capabilities

Upselling is necessary for every restaurant, especially QSRs and Fast Food, upselling is generally accomplished with cashier offering to add extra cheese, olives, or drinks to go along with the meal. But with Self-ordering Kiosks, it upsells by prompting for add-ons and variants. This greatly impacts every restaurant’s bottom line. It’s a very subtle way of increasing the average check-size.

So it’s time to ask if your business is making the most of the opportunities they bring!

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