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Self-ordering Kiosks in Movie Theaters

By Admin Posted in Blog

Self-ordering Kiosks in Movie Theaters

Thanks to technology the movie industry is booming and paving the way for high quality HD movies with crystal clear audio and video. If the movies are getting better with technology, so should the ‘theater experience’ (which in its bare minimum is the food and the movie).

CGI (computer generated imagery), Advance camera equipment and developed video editing software are doing its part in the ‘movie’ department. The ‘food’ department is where theaters need to focus on, since technically it is their main source of income.

Here are a few facts that I’ve known to be true about my usual ‘movie theater experience’

  • 1. I’m always late and make it in the nick of time (but not every time).
  • 2. There's always a line at the concessions stand when i get there.
  • 3. I hold up the line when choosing what to buy.
  • 4. Having to wait another few more ‘movie missing’ minutes paying for and collecting my snacks.
  • 5. Do a full sprint to the theater, snacks in hand.

Here's how the whole process would go if there were a few Apptizer Self order kiosks in front of the concession stand.

  • 1. Make my way to a kiosk stand that is vacant and scroll through the screen tapping on the products I want to add to my cart.
  • 2. Swipe my credit card on the kiosk, or select ‘pay at pickup’ and take my ticket to the concession stand. The concession stand has my food ready to go (thanks to the Apptizer system that displays orders straight to the concession stand screen for preparation when the order is place)
  • 3. Snacks in hand, I leisurely make my way to the movies.

Self-service technology is booming nowadays as it tends to make everyday activities run smoother and more efficiently than before. Self-help options in many industries are now popular in demand especially in the food industry due to this reason. Apptizer kiosks solutions are the perfect answer to run a smoother process at your restaurant. Apart from self-service kiosks proving to increase ticket order size when customers are given the choice they are also easy to navigate and allows check out to be done via card payments.

Apart from being a cost saver and a timer saver for your theater, Apptizer kiosks will also give you a competitive advantage over your competition!

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