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How to Run Successful Email Marketing Campaigns for a Mobile App.

By Admin Posted in Blog

How to Run Successful Email Marketing Campaigns for a Mobile App

You might think email is just another channel which people do not use anymore.

Maybe because emails were introduced back in 70’s and people think its old fashion. Well that’s not true. The usage is still remains the same and it’s consider as an effective marketing tool for any company due to the ability to reach the audience and effectiveness of it.

To get the attention of a customer we need to know what customers want to see or read. Sure, email is a major sales channel, but it can also help you build customer relationships after you’ve closed that sale.

Therefore, when promoting a mobile app through email, we can use different techniques to grab their attention before and after a sale.

Special Offers and Discounts

Sending in an incentive is always a reliable tactic, especially when it demands very little effort. Special offers can be promoted in many forms. These offers can either be sent out as promo codes and coupons which can be used in another purchase etc. through email campaigns.


It is a great way to keep your users up to date by sending information about new arrivals, Black Friday offers, sale days etc. Even merchants can go to the extent where they send emails to a group of existing customer who have purchased a similar product.

Moreover you can send a reminders about your app with a proper marketing slogan in it. It will remind your target audience about the app a multiple times.

Thank You Emails

If you work for a company who value customer satisfaction and building a better relationship, Thank you is one of the basic techniques to build customer relationship.

Thank you messages can help you stand out from your competitor. You can either send thank you emails after a payment confirmation and a product purchase or even after the app download. These emails can either be in text format or graphical format.

These emails can be send to all your existing customers.

“How to” Section

People always try to go for the easy option maybe because of the limited time they have with the busy schedules. Therefore no matter what your product is, there will be people willing to know the process of doing it. If it has a very limited about of steps and can be installed then get registered quickly, they there is high probability of downloading you app.

Even you can send an email adding the ordering process with attractive image and content. This way it will encourage your potential customers to try your app and make use of it.

Reference It

With the interest and the high usage social media it has become a critical channel in marketing almost anything around the globe.

Hence, adding social media reference as the availability encourage interested parties to look for more information. Some of the channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn links can be added to the body or the footer section in a clickable format.

Furthermore, referencing other similar blog articles, videos, other tutorials, user guides, demo videos or even webinars will help you to reach a majority of your target audience.

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