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Optimizing Your Mobile App a 100% for Upselling ;)

By Admin Posted in Blog

Optimizing Your Mobile App a 100% for Upselling ;)

Be it a restaurant, food truck, QSR, mom-pop-retailer or SMB, Apptizer’s Mobile Order-Ahead Apps are something all your customers are going to find convenient to use.

Everybody wants everything to be at their fingertips. We see convenience is a big driver of mobile order-ahead. Consumers love the fact that ordering ahead saves time, busts long lines and food can be ready and paid upon arrival to the restaurant. That's a top reason customers turn to it, especially during busy times or at stores with long lines.

Now, while business have their customers, businesses need to keep them hooked on the brand by upselling. Apptizer’s Mobile Order-Ahead apps can be a 100% optimized for upselling~ letting you drive more sales!

Starting with Simple Push Notifications

Apptizer’s Order-Ahead App lets you send unlimited push notifications. So you can start by sending personalized push notifications to customers, introducing your newest item or providing the customer with a great offer or discount. This will tempt the customer to re-order again and if they loved your item, they will definitely buy from you again. You can also keep running multiple campaigns to a segmented customer base- which could be seasonal offers or just to keep them updated about any event your business will exhibiting at and to invite them to come watch you, etc.

Apptizer’s Digital Stamp Card Feature, Worth more than You Think!

Make it a little exciting by give customers the ability to earn stamps and loyalty points, to win specials after collecting points/stamps of a certain amount. Eg: Buy 5 burger meals and win one of our newest Belgium chocolate waffle FREE. Now who is not going to love that?! If your customers love the taste of your newest Belgium chocolate waffle, they are going to keep trying it out again.

Enabling/Disabling Products as when Required

Apptizer Mobile Order-Ahead lets you have certain products highlighted for this week and then a different set of products highlighted during the next week as an when you require. This will keep the regular customers excited to see something new every week, which will tempt them to keep ordering from you. This would also give them the idea that your business goes that extra mile to keep them happy. Therefore, they turn into your most loyal customers.

Apptizer’s Order-Ahead Mobile App can be Programmed to Prompt for Additions to Increase Check-size

When your customers are ordering a burger meal, your app can prompt them to have additional add-ons, variations and more quantity. Since this appears as soon as an item is selected, the customer will definitely be tempted to add more add-ons eg: extra olives, extra cheese, extra onions. This can slowly increase the check-size of each customer compared to when customers make in-store orders to a waiter.

While giants like Taco Bell sees 30% higher average order values on mobile compared to in-store, and Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay already represents 10% of total transactions at high-volume stores, directly contributing to increased company sales (Source: Business Insider), Apptizer gives any business the opportunity to have and reap the benefits of a Mobile Order-Ahead app. So if you are looking forward to making more sales, you know what to do! Get your restaurant a mobile order-ahead app!

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