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Online ordering apps for Restaurants

Online Ordering Apps for Restaurants: Taking your Business to the Next Level

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The growth in the usage of online ordering apps for restaurants is rising at a breakneck pace. It is the comfort and convenience which makes many customers go in for it. Researchers say, 68% of Americans own a smartphone. That is more than half the population in the US alone. That 68% of the population spends about 162 minutes on their smartphone daily.

Whereas, QSR Web found that digital restaurant ordering is growing 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic. Be it a product or a service, every businesses will benefit of having their very own mobile app which can make their business grow exponentially.

So, why a Mobile ordering app is the best online ordering platform?

1. Online ordering is a brand new sales channel

Restaurants need to cater to the customers’ need of ease and convenience. Having a mobile app, will allow customers purchasing process more convenient, simple and intuitive. Therefore, mobile apps improve the overall customer experience which means a boost in sales. Mobile apps can be monetized by providing customers with offers, in-app purchasing, delivery, or discounts. Customers will be happy to use apps when it offers them a value. This way, mobile apps become a brand new revenue stream to restaurant’s business strategy.

2. Mobile apps build & cultivate customer loyalty

As we know, everyone carries their smartphone everywhere they go. And there is a smart saying that says it’s easier to retain a customer and expensive to gain a new customer. Mobile apps gives restaurants to have a direct, personalized and instant engagement with their customers at all times. This engagement builds up a relationship between restaurants and the customer that increases brand loyalty.

3. Restaurants with Mobile apps are a step ahead of competition

As the use of smartphones are rising, and the evolving consumer behavior, an app for every restaurant will soon become a necessity. Creating a mobile app is a sure way of staying ahead of competition and securing a strong presence in the restaurant industry. With a custom branded mobile app, it is an opportunity to stand out from the restaurant’s competitors by offering a visually appealing and interactive environment. Having a mobile app should be a part of the business strategy for every restaurant or else, the restaurant is falling behind in competition.

4. Capture valuable insights

For restaurants to understand what customers need is a crucial. Having a mobile app for the restaurant is a great way to collect such data. Unlike the aggregator apps, mobile apps provide an efficient way to collect, analyze and leverage customer data. Understanding such information allows restaurants to influence the marketing strategies. Such information allow restaurants to use the data-driven to support their marketing efforts to provide a much more customized experience

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