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Why Join the Apptizer Omni-channel Loyalty Program?

By Admin Posted in Blog

Why Join the Apptizer Omni-channel Loyalty Program?

One effective way for businesses to increase their repeat customers is to give them an incentive to come back for more. This is where loyalty programs can be leveraged. Businesses can adapt to a program in which loyal customers can be recorded on a database and at the same time be rewarded for their loyalty towards the restaurant.

As the famous marketing saying goes, ‘it costs more to attract new customers than it costs to retain old ones’. On this premise we should focus on turning every new customer into regulars=loyal ones.

Punch cards are perfect to make customers loyal to your business. Punch cards work as a marketing tool which gives customers a reason to return back to your business - merely because if they return enough times, they win something.

A good way to leverage on this is to make the punch card quantity (duration) small. This way customers will be motivated to come back often because they’re always closer to the reward. Customers always prefer a tangible product free as opposed to a discount. Hence when offering a reward it could be a dish or free add-ons from your restaurant.

When assessing the practicality of such an investment one may be curious of the advantages they will gain. Here why businesses should adapt to Apptizer omni-channel loyalty program!

  • Orders taken through self-order kiosk, mobile or at the POS counter will all be inter-connected, recording all the loyalty punches however customers place the order. This would encourage customers to choose your business every time.
  • Easier access to connect with your customers as an when required- be it a promotional campaign or special offer. You have access to their contact information. This would have not been possible with paper loyalty cards that do not connect customers to merchants during or post transactions.
  • Apptizer omni-channel loyalty program is an easy way to reward your customers for their loyalty towards your restaurant.
  • Ability to measure your loyalty program results and statistics as opposed to the paper punch card system where it would have not been possible.
  • Easier for your customers as they would not need to carry the card around. There is no way of losing a digital punch card unlike a paper card because the data will be in the system.
  • Helps turn new customers into repeat customers buy enticing them with a free product. The more they buy the more they get in return.
  • Digital punch cards can be used to promote new products. The new product can be used as the ‘prize’ customers win thereby building curiosity over the product.

The success of the Apptizer omni channel loyalty program can be seen instantly since customers will now be tempted to login to their account before placing an order. Login in is made even easier since all that's needed is to enter the customer’s name and phone number.

Here are a few promotions that can be added to promote customers to join your omni channel loyalty program.

  • Offer loyal customers a 5% discount for joining the loyalty program.
  • Have table tents around the restaurant to ensure all customers are made aware of the benefits of being a part of the program eg. have promotions on different table tents.
  • Make waiters mention the presence of the loyalty program and how easy it is to join as well as the benefits that come with it.

The team at Apptizer developed the omni channel loyalty program to help businesses to build up their loyal customer base to ensure repeat customers.The success of loyalty programs have been evident in the past and have proven to keep growing. The omni channel loyalty program is an advancement to the generic loyalty program whereby making it hassle free for customers to join and enjoy great offers while allowing the merchant to acquire a customer database at the same time!

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