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Top 4 Push Notifications Strategies a Merchant can use to Increase App Engagement

By Admin Posted in Blog

Top 4 Push Notifications Strategies a Merchant can use to Increase App Engagement

With the help of a software development company we can create a unique customized mobile app just for you, if you are a merchant with a need of creating one.

One of the main reasons merchants create an app is to keep your customers up to date. Even if you have a great app, sometimes you may be missing out key opportunities to engage your app users.

How can we increase app engagement or customer retention thorough a small feature enabled in your mobile app? Yes!

If it’s not a regular user, the app will sit in their phones and the user may not even know your app exist because of other daily used apps available in their phones.

Push notifications is a feature available in mobile app where to help you engage with your customers. It is a great way to remind your users about the app.

1. Promotions

A great strategy to keep your users engaged with the app is to promote offers through push notifications.

If the user think the deal is valuable to them they will simply click on notification and it will re-open the app. Most importantly the notification will direct the user straight to the product page or the category page with the discount rate. Therefore the possibility of a user acting on it is high.

2. Promo Codes

Another way of engaging your customers with push notifications is sending coupon codes or promo codes. To view or use the promo code the users will engage with the mobile app. It is one method of promoting the product or service and increase ROI.

3. Keep them Notified

Another use of push notifications is notifying about the current status of your product. As an example if you run a pizza restaurant and one of your loyal customers has placed an order for a cheese pizza with extra toppings.

Right after the moment you receive the order merchant can send push notifications to the customers replying as “order received”. If the order is ready, merchant can then send a notification saying the “You delicious Pizza will be ready in 15!”. These type of notifications make the user feel about you as a business, a very reliable and efficient customer service.

4. Let Them know You miss Them

There may be loyal customers who use the app for different purchases during a certain period of time and suddenly stop using it or never come back.

For an instance that customer may not be a loyal customer of yours anymore! Well, that is not a surprise with the massive competition out there. Don’t worry though, you still have a chance to regain them if they think you have provided them a better service before.

Merchants can take advantage of push notification to their customers to send a personalized messages such as “Just for you”, “we miss you”, “same pizza you ordered last, is now available at a low price” etc.

Let them feel that you care!

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