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How to Use Your Mobile App Analytics Effectively.

By Admin Posted in Blog

How to Use Your Mobile App Analytics Effectively

Whatever the action you take it is important to track and analyses the transactions happen in your business. The advantage of incorporating new technology to your business is the ability of using available data effectively. To gain the maximum utility by having a mobile app, there are many options available to use those analytics effectively.

Know the Basics

When you have data in digital format there is a set of basic information that you can retrieve form the app itself. Information such as the

• Number of app downloads for the month

• How many active users

• The location and the time access

• The features mostly used

Those can be analyzed by any merchant to improve the app to make it more user friendly and error free to the users.

Collect and Analyze Data

Most of the apps have an analytic section which consist of the sale occurred in a particular period of time. This is important to track the multiple things and can be used to increase the sale according to customer demand.

The data such as:

• Number of sales for the month

• Bestselling category/ item

• Demographic data

• Location and what time majority of the visitors use the app

• Loyal customers (Daily users)

• Deliveries/ pickups counts

From the above collected data, merchants can make strategic decisions based on the demand and supply by identifying trends.

According to the demographic data merchants can plan their marketing campaigns and other promotional activities.

By identifying the average value of all your orders, you can plan promotions, sales, and other tactics to grow that metric across all your locations.

Merchants can send coupons, special discounts to loyal customers and daily users to keep them coming back.

By analyzing top-selling products at each of your retail location, so you can feature them at other locations or introduce similar products and categories.

Benchmark total sales day over day, week over week, month over month, and even year over year, to assess seasonal dips and opportunities.

Take Corrective Actions

Replying back to suggestions and complains is very much important to build a trust between you and the customer. Customer should feel that you have actually listened to them.

Not only you need to reply them, but make sure you take corrective actions.

Not many of the companies do that, therefore by an action like this it can make you stand out from the competition.

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