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4 Tips to Get Your Restaurant Ready for Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, our team at Apptizer have rounded up 4 tips for you to follow at your restaurant to make this Christmas [...]

Self-ordering Kiosks in Movie Theaters

Thanks to technology the movie industry is booming and paving the way for high quality HD movies with crystal clear audio and video [...]

Self-ordering Kiosks are NOT a Job Killer

As technology improves, there is a fear that creeps up in employees whether machines are going to take away jobs but then, employees in the QSR [...]

Self-ordering Kiosks ~ the Secret to Successful Restaurants!

Self-ordering kiosks market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. It has been helping most restaurants thrive and restaurants have seen and [...]

Optimizing Your Mobile App a 100% for Upselling ;)

Be it a restaurant, food truck, QSR, mom-pop-retailer or SMB, Apptizer’s Mobile Order-Ahead Apps are something all your customers are going to find [...]

Apptizer Self-Ordering Kiosks, Elevating Your Customer Experience!

Today Kiosks increase in popularity in a wide range of vertical markets. Retailers of all types, as well as quick service restaurants, parking lots, casinos [...]

6 Reasons to Consider Apptizer’s Digital Punch Cards for your Business

For all businesses, Apptizer’s Digital Punch Cards is an effective loyalty program which provides businesses with the brand exposure that is necessary [...]

How to Run Successful Email Marketing Campaigns for a Mobile App

You might think email is just another channel which people do not use anymore. Maybe because emails were introduced back [...]

How to Use Your Mobile App Analytics Effectively

Whatever the action you take it is important to track and analyses the transactions happen in your business. The advantage of incorporating new [...]

10 Tips to Create a Simple but Effective Logo

Creating a logo or a brand image sound easy right? Yes! you can just download a picture from a photo bank and add your name underneath. It’s that simple [...]

Top 7 food Photography Hacks a Restaurateurs should Know

Advertised food rarely look exactly like the real food they're selling in their store. In the adverts they look delicious, freshly cooked and appetizing and make us [...]

Mobile Apps - A must have for any Business

Convenience is not an option anymore. It’s a must! People look for convenience in everything they do. With the busy lifestyle where there [...]

Top 4 Push Notifications Strategies a Merchant can use to Increase App Engagement

With the help of a software development company we can create a unique customized mobile app just for you [...]

How to Convert a General Customer to a Loyal Customer through Your Mobile App

Who is a loyal customer? What do you mean by loyal here? Well, it’s basically creating a happy customer. So the [...]

5 Easy Tips to Promote Your Mobile App on Social Media

Social media, most effective and cost worthy marketing tool in today's promotion context. No matter what size your company is or years you have [...]

5 Must-have Features For Great Mobile Apps

A mobile phone’s essential role in our lives have been growing. It has become the indispensable technology of our time, our personalized keycards to an [...]

5 Must-follow Food Photography Tips

Our visual relationship with food is the king when it comes to eating behaviors. A good food pic ignites the senses in ways words cannot. Tantalizing food pics [...]

5 Simple Ways to Boost your Holiday Sales

What’s the last app you’ve downloaded to your phone or tab? What was it? How did you hear about it? Still using it? Or uninstalled it? Finding answers to [...]

Christmas is Coming’! It’s Time You Use a Mobile App to Double Your Sales!

There are a thousand personal organizers, a thousand calendars, an app for every high small shop, and probably a [...]

Christmas is Coming’! Start Selling Mobile Apps to Increase Your Share of Wallet!

There are a thousand personal organizers, a thousand calendars, an app for every high small shop, and probably a [...]

Have you missed the mobile boat?

Behind each Smartphone screen you have access to millions of potential customers because an increasing percentage of shoppers use mobile apps to make purchases due to their flexibility [...]

Is Cloud computing right for your business?

Cloud computing is evolving quickly, and it seems that a growing number of businesses all over the world are adapting to it.It seems only a matter of time [...]

Social media promotion in the Mobile First Era

Social media provides a very visible and global opportunity of fulfilling the human desire to share thoughts, feelings, and information. And people are [...]

YouTube: Valuable small business marketing channel

Consumers today are bombarded with promotional messages, on a variety of media, about various products; how to use them, where to find them [...]

How to create SEO-Friendly URLs for your business website

Have you ever wondered how to create SEO friendly URLs for your website? And bring more traffic to your site ultimately leading to more sales orders. [...]

Manage your Online Business Reputation

Looking at the diverse business entities around the world, it is clear that globalization is playing a major role in customer engagement. Your [...]

Marketing Your Winning App

Think that your hard work is over now that you’ve finally finished developing your app? Think again. If you want your app to generate new revenue you are going to have to spend some time [...]

Metrics, Your Indicator of Success

In this fast-paced world of business, metrics allow you to measure, track and evaluate the performance of your business. They help you compare your business’ performance with [...]

Why every business needs a Mobile App

The obsession of smartphones in this mobile first era is enforcing every industry to constantly embrace innovative ways to improve the existing relationships [...]

Mobile Apps for Businesses- Past, Present and Future

Think About how far smartphones have come since they were first introduced by Steve Jobs in 2004. Within just a few short years smartphones and [...]