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How to Convert a General Customer to a Loyal Customer through your Mobile App

By Admin Posted in Blog

How to Convert a General Customer to a Loyal Customer through your Mobile App

Who is a loyal customer? What do you mean by loyal here? Well, it’s basically creating a happy customer. So the goal is to make a happy customer!

The value of a loyal customer high. To gain a new customer, it is 5 times harder than retaining an existing customer. Therefore, it’s essential for any merchant to understand true value and convert them in to marketers of your product or service.

How can you make your customers happy?

Provide a Better Service

The service you provide from the mobile app should become a solution to one or more issues of their day today life. There has to be simple process to complete a transaction or search or even to Sign up. No one will recommend if the app does not full fill their requirements and found it to be ineffective.

Quick Delivery

As merchant you need to be at least one step ahead of your competitor to maintain your place and stay competitive. By providing quicker service than your competitor, your customer will always stick with you. Mobile apps can identify where your customer is located. And this facility can be used to deliver the good to the customer from the nearest location.

Use Notifications to Keep them up to Date

Uncertainty is a general feeling when it comes to mobile transactions. To avoid customers feeling uncertain or a vague, make them stay with you for a period of time keep them informed. Notification is a feature available in most of the app and it can be used very effectively to keep the customers up to the minute by notifying then about the order placed.

Send them Personalized Message

An advantage of having a mobile is merchant has the access to identify customer mobile numbers. With relevant details, merchants can send then personalized message, regarding multiple events. If that particular customer suddenly stopped using the app, tell them you miss them, can send birthday wishes and special offers exclusive that particular customer.

Send them Unexpected Promotions

When customers ready to check out with the purchase merchants can send then a promotional offer by tracking the count of previous purchases and sending customer offers after a particular count.

Act on Feedback

Analyzing your customer feedback is important to review your service and increase the quality of the service to a customer expected level.

Try to act on any given feedback and communicate it with them, then your customers will eventually build a trust on it in fact it’s one of the best ways to turn a prospect or a customer into a loyal customer.

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