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9 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

By Admin Posted in Blog

9 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

We at Apptizer know how important sales are for your restaurant to breakeven and ultimately make profits. Here are a few tips we came up with for you to incorporate into your restaurant activities in order to increase sales!

1. Increase Your Social Media Presence

In this tech savvy age make sure your social media game is on point. Have your Facebook and Instagrams updated as nowadays customers assess a restaurant based on images and reviews. Doing a product range photoshoot would help as well. These images can be used to update menus and all of your social media platforms. Another pro tip is making sure your restaurant appears on Google maps. This can help increase customers accessibility to you. You can also use ‘Google my business’ in order to establish your business online for free.

2. Turn You Customers Into Your Own Content Creators

Have small table tents with your Instagram handles to promote your page as well as to ask them to DM any pictures they take of your food and restaurants. You can offer them a 10% off their next bill if their images make it onto your page!

3. Install an Apptizer Self-order Kiosk

Statistics prove that when individuals order themselves they tend to order more as they have the freedom and time to choose and select add-ons. Average tickets sizes increase which ultimately increase the restaurant sales.

4. Increase Customer Traffic with Happy Hours

Customers love a good deal. Offer happy hours in your restaurant for times when customer traffic tends to be low. This will help get you more customers as well as generate a good word of mouth amongst them. Eg: “Free magarita for girls from 5-7pm” will attract working girls who want to meet up with their friends and they will tend order add ons and stay for long after the end of the promotion period.

5. Create Combo Meals

This is a great way to promote add ons in your restaurant. Bundling items together makes it easier for customers to choose what they’d like to order as well as increase sales for your restaurant.

6. Ensure Your Customers have an Experience they will Remember

Small actions and gestures such as filtered water or a bowl of mints at the checkout counter makes a difference to your customers. It's the small things that change the perception of the restaurant in the customers eye. A great way to be customer oriented in the restaurant industry is to cater to every member in society.

7. Offer Online Ordering

The demand for dining experience is stagnating due to the increase in demand for online ordering and take out. A great way to tap into this trend is to get online ordering for your restaurant or better yet an Apptizer order-ahead app (30 day free trial) which will make ordering inhouse and out easier for the customers.

8. Start a Loyalty Program to Promote People to Buy More

Promoting people to buy more in order to win something or gain points can be targeted at loyal customers who visit frequently. Its could also help urge new customers to become loyal ones. Either way the restaurant can benefit with increased sales and an expansion in their customer base.

9. Have Records of Everything

Make sure there’s a method to order taking as it will come in handy to spot trends in which dishes move faster than others. This way marketing activities can be focused on the dishes that generate better sales revenue!

Hope these tips help boost your restaurant sales, make sure you follow us on our Instagram page @apptizer_io to stay updated with on our new blog posts!

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