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7 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Tourist Friendly!

By Admin Posted in Blog

7 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Tourist Friendly!

We at Apptizer believe that merchants should be accommodating to any type of customer that enters their restaurant on a daily basis. Tourists are a great way to gain international exposure for your restaurant! This is why we have listed out a few easy steps any restaurant can follow in order to be tourist friendly. Here’s how to give them a warm welcome and keep them coming back for more!

Self Service Kiosks

One of the biggest barriers tourists face are the language barrier. Self service kiosks are a great way to bridge this communication gap. Apptizer self ordering kiosks are simple and easy to operate making it easy for tourists to place their orders easily when they visit a restaurant!

Install Universal Electric Sockets

Tourist tend to travel most of the time than staying indoors. When searching for a place to have a meal they tend to prioritise charging their electronics whilst eating. It’s great to offer phone charging stations inside your restaurant to make sure customers have access to recharge their phones/electronics whilst they recharge on your restaurant food!

Have Menus Displayed Outside the Restaurant

Tourist tend to skim pass restaurants whilst assessing them from outside on whether or not to eat there. Make your restaurant stand out by making it easier for your customers to check out the menu before entering by displaying a menu on a stand outside. People passing by will be enticed to look at the menu and try out your restaurant.

Offer Combo Deals at off Peak Hours

This is a great way to get the customers flowing in, make sure to display the promotions on the window display at your restaurant.This will not only attract customers/travelers who are passing by but will also help turn local customers into loyal ones.

Print Out Free Area Maps with Your Restaurant Locations Pinned (leaflets)

The map and contact details added on to the back will be useful so that when they travel, they would use the map as reference and they will always see the restaurant logo and remember the place. This is good publicity for your restaurant!
Make sure to include social media tags and numbers as well on these leaflet maps.

Offer Filtered Tap Water for Free

Tourists tend to be budget friendly as well as eco friendly when they travel. Offering free filtered tap water with the option to purchase bottled water as well, can help appeal to these travelers.

Have a Suggestion Board up in the Restaurant

Let your customers give their opinion on what to do in the city for other tourist to follow. Have a few post-it notes and pens available for customers to write down suggestions on what to do in the area. This will give the opportunity for local talent and products to be given recognition as well as help tourist navigate their way around a new city!

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