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6 Reasons to Consider Apptizer’s Digital Punch Cards for your Business

By Admin Posted in Blog

6 Reasons to Consider Apptizer’s Digital Punch Cards for your Business

For all businesses, Apptizer’s Digital Punch Cards is an effective loyalty program which provides businesses with the brand exposure that is necessary to attract customers.

How does Apptizer’s Digital Punch Cards feature work?

If you are running a fast food restaurant, you could offer your tastiest Drink for free with every 5 punches (1 burger meal=1 punch). Now who wouldn’t like that? ;)

So here’s top 6 reasons why would your customers love Apptizer’s Digital Punch Cards feature

Paper to Digital

Customers have a lot of cards and clutter to carry in their wallets already. More paper punch cards are not too welcoming and even if they accept it they fear of losing it or would forget about.

Increase Customer Loyalty

With paper punch cards, you have absolutely no way of engaging with your customer again because when you provide them the paper card, off they go and that could be the last time you meet them. With punch cards in your mobile app, you will have a direct method of communication with the customer as you can send a push notification to keep prompting them to order again and win free products. Therefore, you grow your market base and turn new customers into repeat customers.

Customer Retention

Customers who have visited your store ones may not the next time. So to ensure they repeatedly purchase your items, Apptizer’s Digital Punch Card feature, is the perfect way to convert customers into loyal customers, it’s also a tried and trusted method of keeping them attached.

Increase Frequent Sales

Definitely, Apptizer’s Digital Punch Card feature can encourage your customers repeatedly purchase as customers would often love to take advantages of special discounts/rewards/offers. The more they shop, the more they get in return.

Increase Product Awareness

To let people know about your product, Apptizer Digital Punch Card feature is an excellent way to increase your product awareness. You can apply the punch card feature to the newest item in your store. This will encourage customers to try something new since they will be rewarded with something free.

Here’s how it works on the app, you want your customers to buy 5 chocolate ice-creams to win your newest and tastiest blue berry ice-cream free. So every chocolate ice-cream they purchase, customers are punched. Your customers might love the blue berry ice-cream so much that they’ll buy it next time. Keeping things fresh with different rewards, increases knowledge of your products.

Know Your Customer

Through Apptizer’s Digital Punch Card feature, you can track and your customers shopping habits and adjust your offers to match their needs. You can then adjust your marketing plan to capitalize on this.

So as you see Apptizer’s Mobile app comes with some amazing features, Digital Punch Cards is just one of them. The mobile app can help you increase your sales, increase customer loyalty and most of all run powerful marketing campaigns.

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