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5 Easy Tips to Promote Your Mobile App on Social Media

By Admin Posted in Blog

5 Easy Tips to Promote your Mobile App on Social Media

Social media, most effective and cost worthy marketing tool in today's promotion context. No matter what size your company is or years you have been in the industry, users tend to believe what they see on social media due to many reasons.

One is the convenience and another is the easy access to a vast range of information.

Marketers can make use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote the developed mobile applications.

1. Analyze Your Audience

Before you start updating, be sure you identify the right audience to pitch your marketing campaigns. Social media allows you to customize your target audience according to different business processes and also by demography interest with their behavior.

It has the ability to choose particularly, the area according to the business location, choose a specific target audience and you can make sure they are the only ones who can see or click on your posts.

2. Publish valuable and accurate contents

As a business person, you should not get carried away with gaining users that they forget the real focus. Due to the easy access and availability of the information consumers are well aware of what they want and expect a service more than their need. As a result they see, read, research and compare you with your competitor. Therefore the whole essence of the marketing promotion is to make them connect with your app and maintain their trust by publishing contents with value.

Share screenshots of the mobile app, demo videos and other visually relative content across your social media channels which will make the users happy and interest towards your app. Make sure those information are accurate, relevant and creative.

3. Post boosting


This is a competitive advantage over traditional media marketing. The reach will differ from the amount you pay to boost your post and it is up to you. You can select a pre-populated budget or set a custom amount. Boosted posts require a minimum budget of $1 a day. Compared with the reach you gain, just for $1 is considerably high due to the high popularity of these social media channels.


If the post has to be published later that day or in a completely different day, you can set the time & date, amount of time you want your ad to run. It is convenient and time saving and I’m sure it’s a good news for all the marketers out there.

20% Text Rule

Boosting your postings are as important as publishing valuables content. But in Facebook, they have enforced a rule to limit the amount of text in ads and limit that to 20% from the total area of the graphic. It’s important to align with the rule or your ad may not run normally.

Call-to-action Button

Your boosted post can include a call-to-action button so that you can drive people to take other actions you care about, these buttons are visible when you start your process of boosting a post.

4. Promo codes and coupons

If users believe there would be an added incentive in connecting with you, they would want to connect with you and hit the install button of your mobile app. Promotions will expand your audience and their engagement.

Give customers promo code and coupons to use when ordering through mobile app. This information can be either displayed in any social media page with a simple graphic. The steps of downloading the mobile app and the promo code can be included in same graphic as well.

5. Long term commitment

The page likes will increase day by day after a set of promotional campaigns carried by you. But that will not build a long term relationship between you and the customer.

It's important to continue this process for a certain period to keep the audience engaged. As marketers you should be able to keep them interested by providing them with frequent update.

By simulating questions, introducing new things and engagement posts would make the app relevant and keep their interest. Also make sure not to irritate your audience by posting too much in a short period of time.

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