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5 Simple Ways to Boost your Holiday Sales

By Admin Posted in Blog

5 Simple Ways to Boost your Holiday Sales

What’s the last app you’ve downloaded to your phone or tab?

What was it? How did you hear about it? Still using it? Or uninstalled it?

Finding answers to these type of questions is what marketers do; to identify customer needs and also to market their product in a distinctive way. According to researches, only 26% of installed mobiles apps are used daily. For an app to important or used daily, the app must become an integral part of the user’s life.

Apps are often discovered outside the app store, out all other possibilities the saucers of awareness of smartphone apps, most apps were installed due to a recommendation by a friend, family, colleagues (Word Of Mouth) OR it could also be because of some crazy promotion/offer.

While there is too much of noise in the market, users make the choice of downloading a particular app out of the millions of other apps in the store. They also decide whether or not to continue using it regularly. This is the challenging part for a marketers.

So how can we keep the user interested in our app for a longer time? Understanding the customers and their motives and conducting targeted marketing campaigns accordingly.

1. Social Media

Personally, I’m a big fan of social media. You can go to the extent of performing the magic limitlessly. Plus it’s the biggest marketing tool with the biggest audience reach and along with their bio data. Promoting anything on social media do work nowadays due to the interest towards it. The biggest advantage of it is it has the ability to specifically target people according to their demographical interest and their behavior.

If you are looking at targeting people in your area or a little further or maybe a different region, Social media campaigns give you the ability to filter down to the area according to the restaurant location, choose a specific target audience and you can make sure they are the only ones who can see or click on your ad. So when you decide to run promotions with crazy offers, this is a good way to hype up your neighborhood to increase the number of downloads to your app.

2. Rewards

For the multiple purchases made via mobile app or for being a loyal customer, again, you can provide discounts. You can also send your customers riddles to solve and the winners take away free meal. One of the biggest reasons this works is the fact that mobile-based reward programs are far more personal than others.

Information can be either displayed in the restaurant premises, or send out as a leaflet or hand over to the customer after settling the bill. You can even come up with loyalty cards and coupons methods merely for mobile transactions.

3. Market the Current Issue

The biggest action that drives new app downloads is when a user is looking at completing a specific task or to find an app to provide a solution. If the app can become a solution to one of their day today issues, the probability of downloading the app is high. What if the app has an option to Order Ahead which avoids your customers waiting eagerly in line for their favorite Expresso?

Having a mobile app helps he/she will definitely love it, having to place their orders in their fingertips. Along with Order Ahead feature, online payment is another highlight will attract potential customers. You can take advantage of this by including the top features of your app within your app description as keywords.

4. Impalement Viral Marketing

Having said all the above, it is equally important to increase the awareness level of your app to the target audience inside the restaurant premises. If they had a chance to access the download page directly rather than searching, the possibility of downloading the app is high and a QR code come in handy here. Adding them to the restaurant website, social media posts, detailed brochures, menu cards, table tops, even to your storefront window make it easier for the customer to access and get to know about the app instantly.

Putting up descriptive flex banners, outdoor banners and digital screens are common methods used to increase awareness. Doing a promo video and display them to a target audience in different platforms would also be helpful to increase the awareness similarly the number of app downloads.

5. Earn Ratings & Reviews

Reviews and ratings are a powerful way for increase the app downloads since there is a 60% chance when downloading an app due to the ratings. Product reviews, app store reviews, ratings and testimonials will improve your organic download rate massively since it builds a trust and a credibility level to a potential user.

With a mobile app, you are always connected to your customer.. To keep that connection going and to increase customer engagement, make sure you have something fun happening every month! So this holiday season, make the most out of it!

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