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5 Must-have Features For Great Mobile Apps

By Admin Posted in Blog

5 Must-have Features For Great Mobile Apps

A mobile phone’s essential role in our lives have been growing. It has become the indispensable technology of our time, our personalized keycards to an increasingly interconnected world. So definitely, there are many other reasons you are using your phone apart from the basic phone calling and messaging. Using mobile apps for communication purpose, to access social media accounts or play games.

There are 3 types of mobile apps. Native apps, hybrid apps and web apps. Among those, there are a set of must have features in a mobile phone if you want to convert your mobile app from good to great.


Simplicity is more. Therefore try to simplify your mobile app as much as possible since consumers love convenience. If they find the app too complicated or difficult to understand, the might stop using your app and seek for a similar app.

The functionalities should be clearly separated from one another and should be able to complete a transaction within minimum number of taps.

The login should be quick and easy for the customer- it should either be a tap to login or always connected. In mypersonal experience, I have uninstall apps because it had multiple steps to login. These type of features will demotivate your users, therefore always try to avoid any complicated process.

Have it on both iOS and Android

There are 4 operating systems available but Android and iOS holds the major place. Although iOS is considered as the expensive operating system there is significant amount of users similarly to Android. To increase the number of downloads and access the app it’s beneficial to have both apps available in the app market.


For customers to have a mobile app, they should feel safe to insert their personal details as well as account details.

Registering can be either done with an SMS confirmation or any other way, it’s important to maintain the data confidentiality. It has now become a primary requirement of all the mobile app users.

Push Notifications

Push notifications is a feature that can be facilitated in mobile app where you can operate your campaigns, and increase customer awareness. It is great way to keep your users up to date by sending information about new arrivals and offers, send promo codes and coupons which can be used in another purchase etc.


Your mobile app must have the ability to perform fast without keeping the users waiting for a long time. There are multiple ways to optimize the size of the app, and one of them is using low resolution images. Since it appears in a mobile, the number of pixels may not come an issue. Along with that try to use other techniques to minimize the weight of the app as much as possible.

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