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4 Ways to use Self-Ordering tools for Your Restaurants

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With a restaurant factor of sale, self-ordering technology is easy to integrate. See which technologies to use and how they can help your restaurant emerge as greater efficient.


Perfect for fast-casual restaurants, kiosks are the contemporary self-ordering restaurant technology to make bigger effectivity and profits.

Here’s how: At touch screens, clients can browse the menu, personalized orders, and pay for meals. Upselling and cross-selling picks are additionally present, and due to the fact of how easy it is to use kiosks, clients tend to order more, growing profits.

Set-up costs are also low. Restaurant POS systems like the Apptizer Kiosk machines are designed for affordability and customization. Because the kiosk technology will become accountable for the order processing phase of the business, restaurants can focus more on operations and the client experience—it’s a win all-around.

In-App Ordering

A restaurant application gives eating places unique options. For instance, for multi-location restaurants, you can leverage the device’s GPS to discover the closest place to the user.

Customers can region orders thru a secure credit-card fee processor, and you can even create a consumer profile so clients can retailer their facts for quick repeat orders. Additionally, in-app ordering permits clients to make a multi-item order for many people under one name. Favorite meals can be saved, as nicely as favorite foods of friends, household members, and coworkers.

Table Ordering

Here’s the typical restaurant scenario: After guests are seated, they wait for a server to show up with menus. They may take drink orders, but who knows when they’ll be back to ask about appetizers, or answer questions about the menu. Then there’s that inevitable awkward moment when you stare intently at your server, waiting to catch his eye so you can flag him down for a refill or get your check. We’ve all been there, it’s not fun.

Now imagine this one: Once seated, customers can immediately view the menu via their tableside ordering system. (Check out Apptizer online ordering app!) They can place an order as soon as they are ready, and order additional items whenever and as often as they’d like. The servers are available to answer questions and meet the customers’ needs as they dine. After the meal, they can pay and leave, again via their tabletop ordering system.

A table ordering system is a great way to let your customers know you are here for the long haul and want to be relevant to them. Set your restaurant apart with technology that makes the guest experience better, your job easier, and your business more lucrative!

Online Ordering

Giving visitors the chance to order off your menu on-line is the future of cutting-edge meals service. Not solely is the trend something that will draw new customers, however it will also enhance your income for a number of reasons.

Many restaurants have begun integrating on-line ordering systems to their websites for a few reasons—seamless ordering styles, more opportunities for up-selling, order accuracy—and most especially, because clients are asking for it.

Online to-go ordering offers eating places most manage over the way clients order food. In turn, customers have complete control over their order. It’s easy, fast, and efficient. The threat of human error by servers is additionally removed, and clients can give clear instructions of what is wanted.

Like the kiosk system, once an online order is placed, the kitchen straight away receives the order and starts working on it. Out front, the hosts and serving team of workers are accountable for providing an all-around fine experience.

Online ordering is an optimal way for eating places to optimize their sales funnel. Since making it feasible for consumers to order food online, TGI Fridays said a 30% increase in sales. The development has motivated the casual-dining chain to invest greater in new restaurant technology.

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